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Simpson Interior Doors

Choosing a new door can be an exciting job. It requires scouting of ready-to-install interior doors, at the same time, the cost should be friendly and in your budget range. Arlington Coal and Lumber recommends Simpson Interior Doors. Their extensive collection of interior door designs lets you choose freely which one suits your door and budget requirements. Call us now for more information about Simpson Doors. Visit our store personally to witness the wide-range of our interior door products.

Simpson Interior 20

Interior 20

Interior 20 has one panel which is the most common interior door style in the industry today. Additionally, choosing a high-grade wood type will reveal its beauty and will make it different from our stain grade series.

Simpson Interior 30

Interior 30

Interior 30 is unique door style from our comprehensive collection of stain grade series. The 3/8 VG Flat Panel complements any wood species and preferred door size.

Simpson French(S.G.)37

French (S.G.) 37

French (S.G.) 37 has the ability separate interior spaces, and at the same time, it projects elegant style into your kitchen, living area, closet or any part of the house. This is available in different textured glass, any wood species and different sizes.

Simpson Interior 44

Interior 44

Interior 44 will virtually add sophistication to any areas inside your house. This is one of the best-selling door styles in our stain grade series.

Simpson Tremont 46

Tremont 46

Any wall decor will accentuate the beauty of Tremont 46. With its unique 3/4 double hip-raised panel, your interior entryway will be the ultimate attraction inside your house.

Simpson Chateau 48

Chateau 48

Chateau 48 can provide classic appeal to your entryway. This product is available in any size and any wood species. Contact us now or visit our physical store witness our vast selection of Simpson interior doors.

Simpson Interior 55

Interior 55

Interior 55 is one of the most sought-after door styles included in our interior door series. Available in different panel sizes such as 3/8" VG Flat Panel and 3/4” DHRP.

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